Davenport Village


Davenport Village Laneway House

The homeowner approached 2×2 to build a laneway house in Davenport Village. The building plans increase the value of the property and generate additional income for the owner. The laneway suite is intended for long-term family focused rental. Maximizing the allowable by complying with applicable zoning regulations, this modern two-storey 1,100 square foot home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.There is also a comfortable open plan living area on the ground floor. There is covered parking pad adjacent the laneway. 

The architectural team worked with the owner to maximize their earning potential by optimizing the use of space and considering the intangible benefits that a well designed space can bring. The Davenport Village Laneway Suite is an excellent example of how understanding technical, financial and design issues can result in a well-designed, beautiful and affordable solution.

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